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ANTHONY CARO The Quest for the New Sculpture

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550 illustrations
ANTHONY CARO - The Quest for the New Sculpture

By Ian Barker Anthony Caro is internationally renown as the greatest modernist sculptor of our time. His radical approach heralded a revolution in sculpture. Through his work and teaching he freed sculpture from the monolith.

This landmark publication brings together for the first time selections from his previously unpublished correspondence with critics, including Clement Greenberg and Michael Fried, and the artists who helped him with his quest for a new language for sculpture. The story of Caro's quest is told through these extracts from letters and interviews with his contemporaries, which contain a wealth of information. Caro's views on sculpture are detailed through this engaging chronological examination of his entire development that is complemented with previously unpublished documentary images of the exhibitions, places and personalities that influenced his sculpture. Critical reaction to his sculpture is also traced through selected press cuttings from his principal exhibitions and other major events of his career. This publication will appeal to anyone interested in sculpture


Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Art: Hardcover
Seiten: 360 pages, 550 illustrations
Abmessung: 24,5 x 22 cm
ISBN: 978-3-899290-24-0
Autor: Ian Barker