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Martin Schäfer, I’d Do It All Again

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I’d Do It All Again By someone who has climbed the ladder of success

German Edition > ISBN 978-3-89929-420-0

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  • Martin Schäfer, I’d Do It All Again
An unbridled ambition, a desire to be one of the best, and a boundless passion for sales are arguably the main reasons for which Martin Schäfer has made it so far in his more than 40 years at Würth: from an ordinary sales representative to the managing director of a global corporation. This was reinforced still further by his admirable diligence, iron discipline, extraordinary will to win, uncompromising loyalty to the company, and just a pinch of luck. But the most important thing was that he had a fantastic teacher, an inspiring role model in Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Reinhold Würth, with whom he shared a deep mutual respect. This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of how Martin Schäfer came to be at Würth as a young man and worked his way up the corporate ladder without forgetting to celebrate his accomplishments, how he gained the warm appreciation of his employees as a manager, how he managed to strike a balance between his professional and private life as a family man, and how he supported his team VfB Stuttgart as an ardent soccer fan.


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Seiten: 392
Abmessung: 16,5 x 24cm
ISBN: 978-3-89929-426-2
Autor: Martin Schäfer; Reinhold Würth, Bettina Würth, Volker Retz