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Trilogy of connectors

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Basis principles and connector design explanations
Trilogy of connectors

Basis principles and connector design explanations

Authors: Dr. Robert Mroczkowski, Romain Jugy, Alexander Gerfer

The Chapters:

  • Basic Principles
    A connector is an electromechanical system which provides a separable connection between two subsystems of an electronic device without an unacceptable effect on the performance of the device. It will be shown that there are a lot of complex parameters to handle properly to make this statement true.
  • Design / Selection / Assembly
    This Chapter provides an overview of design and material requirements for contact finishes, contact springs and connector housings as well as the major degradation mechanisms for these connector components. Material selection criteria for each will also be reviewed.
  • Level of Interconnection
    Levels of Interconnection addresses where the connector is used within an electronic system. The location of the connector in the system influences the environmental exposure and the assembly/mating durability requirements the connector must support. These factors, in turn influence the type of connector which will be used for a given application.
  • Glossary
    A technical dictionary and alphabetical key word index for quick searches complete this book.


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