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Wolfgang Bok, Carmen Würth. Seeing with her Heart

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Seeing with her Heart

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  • Wolfgang Bok, Carmen Würth. Seeing with her Heart
This is not one of the usual biographies. It is much more: it gives guidance to those seeking happiness. Carmen Würth is able to show readers a way to do this. Her commitment to mentally and physically disabled people opens one's eyes and heart. She sup - ports and encourages the togetherness of people with and without handicaps in the Hotel and Restaurant Anne-Sophie which she founded in Künzelsau. Here integration is practised and joy imparted. This establishment – which was awarded the distinction of being a “Selected Location” – sets a good example of how integration should be; where emotional obstacles are reduced and life itself is given a deeper sense. Well-known journalist Wolfgang Bok has given us the portrait of a woman who has much more to offer than just being the wife of a well-known businessman: she is not first and foremost an entrepreneur to make profits but as a doer of good deeds. Letters from members of her family, friends and companions of long-standing supplement this captivating story of her life and give it a very personal quality.


Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
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ISBN: 9783899294477
Autor: Wolfgang Bok